Limitless Company

Limitless Company is ran by Bex and Leila. They offer fun adult dance classes, where you can come and partake in a safe, supportive environment!

Sarah Golightly

Sarah teaches Adult Ballet at Chantry Studios. Having gained her PGCE she has taught extensively in schools across London before returning to her studies at Laban where she was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Community Dance Studies. In 2003 Sarah joined the Department of Learning at English National Ballet, where she is also a lead tutor for the company’s adult Ballet programme after qualifying as a register teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance in 2006. Sarah’s main focus is to help dancers feel good and encourage them to express themselves fully through the music, because dance after all, ‘is the hidden language of the soul’ Martha Graham.

CATS Dance Academy

CATS Dance Academy was founded in 2017 in London and is a dance company specialising in Chinese classical folk dance along with ISTD Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, K-Pop and Ballroom. They believe in giving opportunities to everyone that loves dance, and with their professional training method, can cater classes to all levels.